Monday, August 27, 2012

Nutritional value of the Noni fruit part2

Nutritional value of the Noni fruit

This is example of phytochemical in the noni fruit, which currently no set standard of consumption (Dietary Reference Intakes, DRI)

- Scopoletin
This substance may be the antibiotic, which research on it is in the beginning.

- Beta-sito sterol
It is steroid in plant. It has the potential to reduce cholesterol, but it does not research to proven in humans.

- Clamma canthal
It is one of the anthraquinone. It has the potential to inhibit protein of HIV infection.

- Alkaloids
It is an amine that occurs naturally in plants. It is makes plant with a bitter taste and makes taste of the noni fruit unappetizing. Some resources on the Internet discussed 2 substances called xeronine or proxeronine that it is an important component of this fruit, but it did not find published of these substances in medical journals. Therefore, these substances are not acceptable in science.

Caution about Noni fruit

Caution about the Noni fruit

1. Patients with kidney disease should not eat, because this fruit has very high potassium. It can be dangerous.

2. Pregnant women should not eat, because this fruit has affected to blood and menstruation.

Chemicals: Substances of Noni contains Asperuloside, caproic acid, caprylic acid and glucose.