Monday, September 3, 2012

Benefits of Noni fruit

Noni fruit has been used as an herb in the past by using fresh and raw or half-baked

The noni fruit has been used as an herb in the past by using fresh and raw or half-baked, which properties in the treatment of nausea and vomiting. It has active substance as Asperuloside.

From information about this fruit in university in thailand said that it contains more than 140 sensitive species inclubing proteins and complete amino acid. There are also other substances such as vitamins and minerals.

Noni fruit has Proxeronine and Xeronine

The noni fruit has Proxeronine and Xeronine

But the key is that it offers the benefits from substance Proxeronine, Enzyme Proxeroninase and Xeronine in repair in cells of all organs throughout the body by binding to the amino acids in proteins and enhance the quality of the protein. This will accelerate the recovery of damaged cells throughout the body including the pancreas. Noni fruit can help lower blood sugar levels of diabetic patients because the restoration of the pancreas.

Noni fruit help sleep comfortably

The noni fruit help sleep comfortably

It's also a precursor of the Hormone Melatonin that allows sleep to be balanced, sleep comfortably and full energy. Noni fruit contains the active ingredient in combination with endorphin (Endorphin Receptor is substance that makes happy, relax, emotionally refreshed and energy).

Noni fruit can stimulates the white blood cells

The noni fruit can stimulates the white blood cells

It stimulates the white blood cells, immunization (Antibody), and increased resistance to the disease to combat the disease and anti scopoletin cancer. It can expand the blood vessels and increase the potential of serotonin in the body to control the contraction and expansion of the arteries to help lower blood pressure including prevent infection in the digestive tract and reduce cholesterol levels.