Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Research related to Noni fruit

It was reported that Noni contains polysaccharide

Research from one of the Faculty of Pharmacy indicates that noni fruit can help boost immunity and anticancer by it has a chemical stimulus to creation of white blood cells. Which act to eliminate bacteria in the body and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells to spread, but it does not cure cancer. There is also an analgesic and stimulates enzymes in the intestine to function better.

Noni fruit raw

Technical Data Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine indicates that noni fruit can be classified by the properties as the two types.

- Noni fruit raw

It is spicy. It is useful to treatment of flatulence and gas in the stomach, dialysis, and vomit or as a candy to heal tender gums, hoarse voice and aphthous

- Noni fruit ripe

It has a pungent odor. It is useful to care the intestine.

Noni fruit ripe

From the Library of Medicine and Medline search, it was reported that Noni contains polysaccharide, which affects the cells of Lewis lung carcinoma and extend the life of mice with cancer. However, it isn’t studies in humans. It may have anti-tumor effects from the antioxidants by reducing DMBA-DNA adduct formation and other mechanisms.