Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The discovery of key compounds in Noni fruit

Noni fruit contains Xeronine

Dr. Ralph Heinicke, American biochemist is famous. He researched and found an enzyme in pineapple, which it's a kind of alkaloids, is Xeronine.

The noni fruit contains Xeronine

Since 1950, and has been studied continuously ever since until can be found that noni fruit contains this substances more than ten times in a pineapple. After that he continued to do research until know the incredible benefits of this fruit and medical benefits.

Noni fruit contains vitamins, minerals, amino acid

The research of the noni fruit and medical benefits as follows

1. It's enhance biochemical reaction in the cell, restoration of degraded cells, repair cell damage and eliminate toxins in the cells.

2. It helps synthesize proteins in the body, the hormonal system in the body and a positive effect on the gland in the body to function better

3. It has antioxidants that help slow the deterioration of the body and gainst cancer

4. Lower glucose levels in diabetic patients

5. Reduce high blood pressure

6. Enhance immunity by stimulating the white blood cells and against cancer and more germs

7. Reduction and relief of inflammatory cells

8. Reduce and relieve allergies

9. The noni fruit contains vitamins, minerals, amino acid that as nutritional supplements and increase energy in the body

10. Help heal the wounds and make wounds heal faster